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File Transfer Using Socket

File Transfer Using Socket

In this program we will see how to use python to transfer files over network using sockets. Python is very helpful as it has modules for every single thing you want to do.

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Python Program for Client Side

In client side I have created one server socket and connect it to same port and IP of server. I have used loopback address to use both client and server on same machine. Take file name from user which is to be downloaded from sever. If file is available at server it will send to client. So here open file with ‘wb’ i.e. write binary and save it to client side

Python Program for Server Side

In server side I have created one server socket and bind it to same port as in client program. Then we have used listen(max_client) method to take server online. After that I have calledaccept() method in while loop. The for loop is used to scan every file on server side and find file requested by client. Method os.listdir(dir_name) returns the array of file names in given directory. If file found the open() it and read() it to send to client. Read it part by part and send it to client.

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